The FICA Advance Financial Intelligence Training (AFIT) system is designed to be a advance education training curriculum. The AFIT system incorporates the three main educational components of Reading, Writing and Mathematics in each of its curriculum components. In addition, students learn the importance of Finance, Business, Economics, Charts, Graphs, Teamwork and Leadership Skills. Participants attending FICA Financial and Business Intelligence Training programs leave with an understanding of real life skills and just how the world of finance/ business works.

In addition, the Advance Financial Intelligence Training System is presented in an energetic and fun environment designed to enhance the learning experience and keep students wanting to learn more. Advance Financial Intelligence Training is the primary training system used for the FICA Young Analyst Club special training program.

The FICA Young Analyst Kit is the actual AFIT curriculum. The FICA Young Analyst Training Kit consists of nine advance financial intelligence-training sessions, which are as follows: The Art of The Trade, Analyzing Bar Charts & Graphs, Stock Trading Patterns, Commodity Markets, Real Estate Investments, Bull and Bear Markets, Financial Risk and Reward, Technical & Fundamental Analysis, and analyzing the Automatic Investment Management System. Each booklet will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete depending on the level of student participation.

The AFIT training system and financial field trips is designed to be completed in 40-80 hours depending on the level of students. Each student is required to take and pass the AFIT competency examination in order to receive a FICA Certificate of Completion.



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