Kids and Teens 99 Ways To Earn Xtra Cash

Students Learn Business Development Skills and How To Take Care of Business!

The Kids & Teens 99 Ways to Earn Xtra Cash online e-learning network is designed to provide students the information needed to help them find ways generate income. Specifically, Kids and Teens 99 Ways to Earn Xtra Cash is our “Earn, Learn & Save web e-learning portal.

The training is setup into several categories including: 99 Ways Job Ideas, 99 Ways Biz Ideas, 99 Ways Money Ideas, 99 Ways Career Ideas, 99 Ways Marketing Ideas, 99 Ways Internships Ideas and more! Kids & Teens 99 Ways To Xtra Cash has numerous job ideas including but not limited to the follow: Website Developer, Graphics Designer, Internet Hosting Service provider, Cell Phone Repairer, Grocery Deliverer, Homework Helper, Jewelry Maker, Landscaper, Leaf Raker, Sign Maker, Snack Vendor, Cake Baker, Computer Tech Supporter, Dog Walker and more!

In addition, the Kids & Teens 99 Ways To Earn Xtra Cash financial intelligence online e-learning system contains superior entrepreneurship training curriculum, lesson plans, links, audio, quizzes, worksheets, video and more. This awesome business training system has been carefully structured to increase students understanding of business development and financial skills.

In addition, students that complete this Basic Financial Intelligence Training (BFIT) Kids & Teens 99 Ways To Earn Xtra Cash training system are better prepared to start a business and understand business related strategies. Learn more!



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