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Future Investor Clubs of America, Inc. is quickly being recognized as an Innovative leader in youth financial education/literacy training. FICA was one of the first companies in America to provide comprehensive face-to-face financial intelligence training summer camps and year round programs to students nationwide! Thousands of Students and Teachers have benefited from our extraordinary introductory Winning On Wall St. Kickoff Programs, Wall Street Summer Camps, Financial Whiz Kids Challenge & Competitions, Software and other special programs.

Growing Strong!

During the next 12 months over 3.5 Million consumers, students, parents, teachers and business leaders will participate in FICA’s financial training events, read our blogs, newsletters, listen to our informative audio/radio networks, watch training video’s and other programs. subscribers will gather information needed to help them succeed from our Financial Literacy News (FLN), the Number One Resource for financial education information online today.

To compliment our nationally recognized face-to-face training system, FICA provides training participants access to top quality curriculum, videos and training software. In addition our network of website provides superior internet online training. FICA’s online training system provides our Directors, Leaders, Young Investors, Young Analyst and Young Executives access to numerous education resources.

The incorporation of Financial Leadership Training Tours into the FICA strategy has been extraordinarily successful and has provided FICA members the opportunity to participate in national as well as international leadership training programs. FICA Financial Leadership Training Tours include informative field trips to such places as the New York Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Fortune 500 Corporations, College Business and Finance schools. The upcoming Spring FICA Financial Leadership International Tour promises to provide students with a global perspective on the world economy.



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